[unisog] The Impact of Spam on your Institution

Graham Toal infosecurity at panam.edu
Mon Feb 16 16:45:48 GMT 2004

>> I have seen "expert" estimates ranging from 25% to 70%.

> That ratio depends on how much non-spam you get, so it should vary
> tremendously between sites, depending on how they use mail.  This
> ratio suggests what an average user sees in the inbox, but does not
> measure how much is being thrown at them.

One more datum gathered from my own institution's first spam filter
test which we carried out this weekend:

These figures are for approximately 1 days worth of mail from Friday
around 5pm to Saturday around 4pm.  This includes only mail received from
off-campus.  This is a site with about 2000 staff and 10000 students.

By number of items:

32583 spams
9397 non-spams

By volume of disk space used:

206Mb spam
196Mb non-spam

I guarantee the figures to be at least 90% accurate.  I suspect they
are closer to 98/99% accurate but until we get some user feedback on
the efficacy of the spam filter, I can't prove it!


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