[unisog] On the security of non-Windows op systems

Selden E Ball Jr seb at lepp.cornell.edu
Tue Feb 17 02:26:43 GMT 2004

Phillip wrote

> I like OpenVMS and how secure it is but until the HP version comes out I
> think investing the Alpha required to run it might be a little silly.  As
> it is, I think most institutions won't want to invest in a rapidly
> decaying system platform.(Even though a new Alpha is quite possibly the
> fastest processor available).  On top of that, there are not many
> applications that work directly between the two systems.

My understanding is that HP will be producing at least one more CPU 
design upgrade before they "end-of-life" the Alpha architecture, and have
guaranteed support through at least 2010. OpenVMS I64 v8.1 
is already available to developers and "early adopters", although 
list prices for HP's Itanium2 systems are quite a bit higher than 
we would like. Mixed architecture Alpha & Itanium clusters officially 
will be supported in OpenVMS v8.2, which is supposed to ship to all 
customers in the fall.

Or so they say.


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