[unisog] On the security of non-Windows op systems

Hiris, Jeffrey Richard Jeffrey_Hiris at brown.edu
Tue Feb 17 18:32:44 GMT 2004

Hi Selden, et al:

FWIW, the lowest-end IA64 is not yet priced for VMS, but I could swear I
saw a single CPU base price of under $3K for Windows/Linux models in som
earticle or other.  Basically, by the time VMS 8.2 is generally
available I'd expect that the least-server buyin for these IA64 systems
will be the same as for e.g. the lowest-end dual-CPU IA32 Proliants.

And it beats me what's decaying about VMS--seems to run well enough, day
after week after month after year...

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> Phillip wrote
> > I like OpenVMS and how secure it is but until the HP 
> version comes out 
> > I think investing the Alpha required to run it might be a little 
> > silly.  As it is, I think most institutions won't want to 
> invest in a 
> > rapidly decaying system platform.(Even though a new Alpha is quite 
> > possibly the fastest processor available).  On top of that, 
> there are 
> > not many applications that work directly between the two systems.
> My understanding is that HP will be producing at least one 
> more CPU design upgrade before they "end-of-life" the Alpha 
> architecture, and have guaranteed support through at least 
> 2010. OpenVMS I64 v8.1 is already available to developers and 
> "early adopters", although list prices for HP's Itanium2 
> systems are quite a bit higher than we would like. Mixed 
> architecture Alpha & Itanium clusters officially will be 
> supported in OpenVMS v8.2, which is supposed to ship to all 
> customers in the fall.
> Or so they say.
> Selden

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