[unisog] On the security of non-Windows op systems

Phillip G Deneault deneault at WPI.EDU
Wed Feb 18 05:01:28 GMT 2004

On Tue, 17 Feb 2004, Hiris, Jeffrey Richard wrote:

> And it beats me what's decaying about VMS--seems to run well enough, day
> after week after month after year...

What I mean by 'decaying' is that the Alpha platform, even if supported
for another 6 more years, is rapidly ending its life.  6 years is not very
long for a high-end server like an Alpha.  If custom applications are
developed for VMS on Alpha, in just a few years they will need to be
reworked for a different platform.  And even though I would like to
believe that HP is true to their word, with two(Compaq, HP) and a
half(Intel-HP deal) companies taking over the platform in just a few
years, I'm not going to hold my breath.  Universities are probably better
off investing in the Itanic...I mean Itanium. :-)

I was not refering to VMS as a decaying OS.  I _like_ VMS, own a copy of
VMS, used to administer production VMS systems, and ran VMS or one of my
personal system until not too long ago when I realized I could better use
that Alpha for an Open source OS with much more application support.  


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