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Azrael Azrael at
Tue Feb 24 20:42:07 GMT 2004

Good Afternoon,

A few weeks ago, there was some discussion about AOL blocking some SMTP 
servers.  My university is now experiencing a problem with AOL bouncing our 
E-mail and I was hoping that some of you would share your experience with 
AOL on this matter.

The current situation is this, a machine on our network is compromised and 
begins spewing spam.  The ITS-Security Operations office is notified and we 
disable the machine/connections and begin cleanup procedures. Usually takes 
about 30 - 60 minutes depending on where the machine is and how many 
incidents the on-duty person is handling.  The problem occurs when the spam 
messges are sent to AOL users.  It apparently reaches some critical point 
(10-15% of mail from our domain according to AOL Postmasters) and AOL then 
blocks our Primary SMTP server for "1-3 buisness days".

Now we have called AOL's postmaster (repeatedly) and we are supposedly on 
AOL's "whitelist".  The feedback that we are getting from AOL is that we 
are not reacting fast enough.  Is there another way to approach AOL that is 
more constructive?


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Pennsylvania State University - Information & Technology Services (ITS)
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