[unisog] AOL Bouncing E-mail

Matt Crawford crawdad at fnal.gov
Tue Feb 24 22:36:33 GMT 2004

> A few weeks ago, there was some discussion about AOL blocking some 
> SMTP servers.  My university is now experiencing a problem with AOL 
> bouncing our E-mail and I was hoping that some of you would share your 
> experience with AOL on this matter.

A non-profit I help out with was shut out of AOL because of spam sent 
to mailing lists hosted by the group, with subscribers on AOL who 
wanted to receive at least the non-spam component of the list traffic.  
(And these lists weren't bad off at all, as spammed-lists go.)

After hours on the phone with the AOL "help" desk, they were told the 
cutoff was because their reverse DNS wasn't resolving -- which was 
completely false.  They went through the call queue again and may now 
be on the whitelist.

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