[unisog] Do any of you IM?

Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu
Wed Feb 25 03:27:59 GMT 2004

On Tue, 24 Feb 2004 15:16:55 CST, "Mary M. Chaddock" <unisog_post at waldo.acu.edu>  said:
> Here is just a quick brain-storm idea...
> Would it be helpfull/nice/convenient if Unisog'ers were able to IM each
> other?

> I'm really just thinking that it might be helpful to me if I had a buddy
> list of unisog'ers that I could contact without worry of my questions
> being publically archived and forever available on the internet.
> Anyone have any thoughts on the subject?

Well, there's AIM, and ICQ, and Yahoo, and that's just the ones I use often.
There's also things like the #kernelnewbies IRC channel for Linux kernel
developers.  So such a thing is certainly technically doable.

Things to consider:

1) Many of us prefer to deal with e-mail somewhat asynchronously - downloading
it and then dealing with it on the train commute or whatever (I find that getting
it all onto my laptop and then being *offline* at the public library for an hour or two
is quite productive).

2) Although I'll probably give my IM contact info out to most people who ask
nice and who's e-mail address I recognize, I probably don't want to be pinged by
the entire Unisog subscriber list...

3) kernelnewbies works mostly because if you ask a question there, you are almost
certainly not going to get an answer from the person you wanted to get it from, but
you *are* likely to get a helpful hint/info/pointer from some clued kernel hacker.
If I want an answer about the kernel from Andrew Morton, I'll have to drop him
an e-mail and wait for time zones to happen.  If "the first right answer about the
locking rules for this data structure" is what I need, but I don't care who I get the
info from, then kernelnewbies works better.

4) If you do an IRC channel, you probably want to archive the logs, so that the
next person who has the same question can get the answer, even if nobody is

Unfortunately, www.kernelnewbies.org is off the air at the moment.

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