[unisog] Do any of you IM? Talking Heads...

Ben Curran bdc1 at humboldt.edu
Wed Feb 25 20:01:59 GMT 2004

I vote we all grab web cams and set-up some video while we're at it....Then at least 
we'd have the ability to throw out information using the "you're too ugly to make any 
sense index".. (But, then on second thought some of you might exclude me!)

Ben Curran

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On 25 Feb 2004 at 13:58, Hiris, Jeffrey Richard wrote:

Hi all:

FWIW, this is all getting a 'tad abstract for me.  Personally, I'd tend
to draw the line at what to share between discussing what "it" does and
what "I" or "my facility" does.  Discussions of Windows behavior make
perfect sense, as do discussions of how well specific Nessus filters
work and so forth.  On the other hand, if you have a stealth monitor
located on a hub I don't want you to tell me, much less give the list
the version of the scanner, OS, IP address, and root authorization

of course, that's just my take.

as for IM, I personally don't have the time, but security is a small bit
of my overall set of tasks.  I'm surprised there isn't a gaggle of such
things in place already.

fight the good fight, one and all


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