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Wed Feb 25 20:16:59 GMT 2004

From what I understand, a SYN/FIN scan will in fact raise both SYN and FIN TCP flags, the goal of which is to receive a SYN/ACK packet back (Solaris 5.8 plays well with this).
Could this be an ordinary FIN scan?  FIN scanning looks for ports based on the lack of a response.  This introduces obvious accuracy problems, but can be effective.  The theory is that when a host receives a FIN packet on a closed port, a RST/ACK will be sent in response.  Besides port scanning, a periphery benefit of FIN scans is determining RFC compliance.
SecurityFocus has a great high-level article on FIN scans:
...and this bugtraq is good too:
Don't know if this at all answers your question, and you may already know this, but HTH,

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	Just the fin (no syn?).
	SYN/FIN scanning works in some os'es and can pass weak filters.
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	> Since around 9am today I am seeing high rates of scans coming
	> from my ResNet
	> with the FIN bit set but no ACK bit. Does this sound familiar
	> to anyone?
	> thanks
	> -fp

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