data structures/data bases schemas for storing dynamic IP assignment

Russell Fulton r.fulton at
Wed Feb 25 20:40:32 GMT 2004

HI Folks,
	Up until now nearly all our IP space has been statically allocated and
have domain names assigned so figuring out who was using which IP as
just a matter of looking up the PTR record.

Now we have a couple of growing wireless networks and vpn networks that
use dynamic IP allocation and we will soon be moving to using dynamic
dhcp in some areas for desktop machines.  This leaves me with the
problem of figuring out who had a particular IP at some time in the
past.  THis isn't a new problem, ISPs have been dealing with this for
many years and so I imagine have some of you.

I can think of several different ways of tackling the problem but each
has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.  These range from
simple minded sql approach to custom tree data structures that will get
you the right record with a traversal.  So rather than reinvent the
wheel (badly) it though I would ask those of you who have been doing
this for ages what actually works in practise.  Are there any non
obvious tricks that can speed up searches?

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