Getting ARP tables from Cisco switches via snmp -- slightly OT

Russell Fulton r.fulton at
Wed Jan 7 19:47:12 GMT 2004

Seasons Greetings to All,

Does anyone know the  OID to retrieve ARP tables from Cisco switches?


We are working on a project to maintain a map of MAC, IP addrs and
switch ports in a database that we can easily interrogate (even if the
machine we are looking for is not on line).  We discovered the need for
this during the frenzy of patching in the latter part of last year when
we had frequent problems with tracking down vulnerable machines.

WE have long maintained a data base built from the ARP tables of the
routers that allows us to keep track of the mapping on MAC to IP and we
want to extend this out to the edge switches.

We can get the data by logging in and using command line functions to
dump the tables but would much prefer to get the information via snmp. 
The problem is that we cannot find the OID to access the tables on our
cisco switches.  We have used snmp_walk to go though the mib but have
not found anything.  Cisco must be using different naming conventions
within the min between the routers and switches.  Sigh....

Cheers and thanks, Russell

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