ARP (sic) tables on Cisco switches -- thanks!

Russell Fulton r.fulton at
Thu Jan 8 17:27:58 GMT 2004

Hi Folks,
	Thanks to all of you who responded (both on and off the list) to my
request for information yesterday. And yes, our Network folk do know
they should be looking for CAM tables, not ARP, that was my blooper ;) 
They don't let me anywhere near hardware now a days, now you know why!

I'll be getting back to many of you individually but it may be a little
while since I have a big stack of responses to sort through and I am
currently franticly rewriting our network management database system to
use some of the nice features of the new OBSD firewall I installed over
Xmas.  I've got one week before I take my summer break and I'd like to
have something to show before then.

Thanks again, it's really great to be part of this community!

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