Network Management Tools

Jonathan Richard Brockmeier brockj at
Wed Jan 14 21:00:57 GMT 2004

We are a small Liberal Arts College with 3,100 students and include faculty 
and staff have about 5,000 network ports, all on 3Com gear.

We are trying to find an application that will try and meet these needs via a 
web browser so it can be checked while we are not in the office:

1.  Notification (email) of usage above threshold
2.  Find the end network port that a MAC or IP addresses is on
3.  Notification (email) of down devices
4.  Top usage/Errors accross the network at this time
5.  Turn off ports (Automatically on threshold violation)
6.  Reports/History of gathered stats
7.  Location of Bridge Loops (Yes I know this is a hard one)
8.  Turn off ports (manually by web browser)

Jonathan Brockmeier
Computer Systems Generalist
Computing and Information Technology
Hope College
brockj at

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