ports 63808, 63809, and 65506?

Pat Wilson paw at noh.ucsd.edu
Tue Jan 20 19:33:50 GMT 2004

I'm seeing a new (to me, at least) worm today - all of the
machines which seem to have it share the following symptoms:

 - slowly, randomly, scanning port 445 on the /16 they're on 
 - connections to (and often
 - open tcp ports 63808, 63809, and 65506
 - a random high-numbered port which amap identifies as speaking
 - a random high-numbered port which sends lots of data when amap

Does this ring a bell for anyone?  I don't have access to the
hosts themselves (all are running some sort of Microsoft OS), so
I can't just go look.

Thanks for any hints - it'd be nice to be able to give the folks
who _do_ have to clean these up some idea of what it might be.

Pat Wilson
Network Security Manager
UCSD ACS/Network Operations
paw at ucsd.edu
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