[unisog] AOL email blocks

Rodrigues, Philip phil.rodrigues at uconn.edu
Wed Jan 28 20:51:13 GMT 2004

Its hard to say.  In the last two weeks I have heard ~10 reports of AOL blocking mail from some hosts here.  However, in the few hours it takes those reports to get to my group or the mail admins, the block has been removed and mail seems to be flowing normally.

It has made it difficult to confirm or diagnose this problem.

When more than a few people complain about something like this it is usually true.  I have seen the mail reject errors they get and it certainly appears as if they were not able to deliver their message at that time due to a "mail not accepted from this host or domain" error message.  But when me or the mail folks try to test it a few hours (or days) later it seems to work fine.

Frustrating.  I do know one thing for certain: they do not appear to be blocking all of @uconn.edu - that we would be able to confirm real quick. :-)


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How many colleges and universities have had email blocked by AOL

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