[unisog] HIPAA PHI and encrypted Transmission of data

Ken Connelly Ken.Connelly at uni.edu
Thu Jul 8 16:30:06 GMT 2004

i suspect it has gotten caught in the summer doldrums.  this is the 
first message i've seen since june 25...

- ken

Wells, Cary wrote:

> Did the list dry up or am i not subscribed?
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> Jay -
> We're not a hospital but we're using encrypted IMAP for downloading 
> mail to user's PC's. Faculty and Staff on-campus can use SMTP for 
> outgoing mail but students or anyone connecting in from off campus 
> must use webmail which is SSL. Unless of course they use our IPSec VPN 
> in which case they can use SMTP from anywhere.
> Many of our web enabled applications, and all sensitive ones, are 
> using SSL. (https).  For some high power users we require them to use 
> the VPN because of the level of access they require to databases. If 
> we were  building anew from scratch, everything would be as highly 
> encrypted and secure as possible, but we're moving slowly from the old 
> model of wide-open to the new model of highly secure.
> thanks
> -fp
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>     We are working through policy as part of our HIPAA implementation.
>     A big piece of our policy is how to handle the transmission of PHI
>     data. How are other universities with Hospitals handling the
>     transmission of this type of data or maybe I should say how will
>     you be handling it? Are you using some form of encryption for
>     email? If so what tool? How are you securing other forms of
>     transmission? Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.
>     You can contact me directly at jflanag at emory.edu
>     <mailto:jflanag at emory.edu>.
>     Thanks, Jay
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