[unisog] Help with buying domain name through escrow.com

Tim Lane tlane at scu.edu.au
Fri Jul 23 03:00:30 GMT 2004

>just wondered if someone could offer some help here.  Someone at our 
>University here in Australia is negotiating the purchase of a registered 
>.com domain name  through another party (an individual), who is claiming 
>title to the domain name.  The only contact they have at the moment is an 
>email address.  This individual wants the purchase to be done through 
>escrow.com, based purely on email address exchange.
>Although this all may be legitimate, we are not sure of the process to 
>validate this and therefore are treating it with some caution.  Right at 
>the moment we only have an email address for the seller, nothing else.
>The main problem is validating the process.
>I am attempting to:
>1) validate the authenticity of the claimed owner and;
>2) validate the process for transfer of title through escrow.com
>Can anyone give me some tips or ideas on how this could be achieved?
>Thanks a lot,
>Tim Lane

Tim Lane
Information Security Program Manager

Information Technology and Telecommunication Services
Southern Cross University
PO Box 157 Lismore NSW 2480

Ph:  61 2 6620 3290
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