[unisog] New virus - not caught by central servers (fwd)

Paul Russell prussell at nd.edu
Tue Jul 27 20:42:03 GMT 2004

On 7/27/2004 3:11 PM, Frank Bulk wrote:
> That brings up an interesting point, and perhaps people could comment.  
> For every hour of email processing down, how long does it take for your 
> queue to get processed once things are back up?  And what would you 
> guess your bottleneck to be, the spam gateway/virus gateway/messaging 
> system/bandwidth? 

We run MIMEDefang, SpamAssassin, and McAfee on our MX hosts (a pair of
Sun V880's, each with 32 GB of memory and 8-900 Mhz processors), and the
MD/AV/SA combo seems to be the principal bottleneck. The problem is not
in the products themselves, but in the nature of the tasks they perform.

Paul Russell
Senior Systems Administrator
OIT Messaging Services Team
University of Notre Dame

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