[unisog] New virus - not caught by central servers (fwd)

Steve VanDevender stevev at darkwing.uoregon.edu
Tue Jul 27 21:46:58 GMT 2004

Frank Bulk writes:
 > Do I detect some slight bias to the *nix platforms? ;)

I have a bias against Windows because Microsoft and the Windows user
community seem entirely content to cause one security problem after
another, and expect other people to deal with the consequences -- by
default it's been left up to us as mail system administrators to attempt
to filter out all the crud that might compromise their systems, rather
than them taking responsibility to secure their own.  It's been over
five years since the Melissa worm, and the problem of email worms has
only gotten worse.

Maybe on your campus you could get away with leaving email down for
hours at a time whenever new Windows worms come out.  I know I couldn't

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