[unisog] New virus - not caught by central servers (fwd)

Eric Pancer epancer at security.depaul.edu
Tue Jul 27 22:03:54 GMT 2004

Steve VanDevender wrote on Tue, 2004-07-27 at 14:46:58 -0700...

> I have a bias against Windows because Microsoft and the Windows user
> community seem entirely content to cause one security problem after
> another, and expect other people to deal with the consequences 


Interesting viewpoint; unfortunately there's little options. Apple
hardware isn't worth the investment many folks who are
trying-to-get-by. Linux isn't going to work because everyone else
using a Microsoft platform sends proprietary file formats, etc.

If there was an easy way to convert a 50-something sending-jokes-
and-forwards-to-their-son-or-daughter Internet jockey, I'd be the
first to start promoting it.

- Eric

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