[unisog] New virus - not caught by central servers (fwd)

Rich Jones rich at uwo.ca
Wed Jul 28 15:38:53 GMT 2004

Reg Quinton wrote:
> problems and I've been arguing that we ought to block zips as well... and
> stop worrying about the AV filter on incoming mail.

We began blocking zip files in January of this year.  This was
in response to a virus outbreak, and we decided to keep the block
in place.  We had already been blocking the recommended list of
Microsoft attachment types.

> Some people claim that if you block zips then they can't get their work
> done. Apparently people at Columbia do get their work done.

Apparently we're still getting our work done.
> How has your user community accomodated your e-mail security filtering? Ie.
> when they really need to send a zip (or exe, etc.) how do they do it?
We've had a few complaints, but our HelpDesk explains how to
rename attachments and people appear tobe satisfied with that.

Our AV email scanner is now somewhat underutilized.

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