[unisog] Appropriate University/Internet blocks

Tom Conley conleyt at ohio.edu
Wed Jun 16 14:20:37 GMT 2004

This is a hackneyed old question, but one we are still struggling with:

What is the appropriate level of filtering or port blocking at A 
University/Internet border?

Specifically, what ports or packets are y'all (other universities) 
currently blocking?  Do you have router configurations that you can share? 
Do you use an IP blacklist?  Are the "blacklist" and "ports list" permanent 
or do the blocks "time out" automatically?  How do you manage all this?

It seems [obvious] that the recommendations made for other industries are 
not generally accepted at universities.  But what is acceptable?

Any feedback is appreciated.  Feel free to contact me off-list if you 



Tom Conley, CISSP
Network Security
Ohio University
conleyt at ohio.edu
security at ohio.edu

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