[unisog] Phishing targeting University Admissions

Kang Liu liukang at bjpu.edu.cn
Wed Jun 16 15:00:30 GMT 2004

> OK: I agree.  Now, let's get back to the real world.  Users 
> can use any client they want, and the overall organization 
> lacks the will to impose a ban on certain mail clients 
> because the clients' users insist they need them.  Maybe they 
> do too; I am not familiar with the non-mail components of 
> certain software.  It is impossible to train users 
> effectively with a 5,000:1 ratio of users to user services 
> staff and steady turnover.  So all that's right out.
> Blocking attachments by extension saves us about $30,000 
> worth of anti-virus software licensing and additional 
> hardware to process scanning.  That sounds good to me.
Have you ever considered using DNSBL or SPF (sender policy framework),
those may block most "fake" emails, especially worms, I think.  :-)


System and Network Op.
Network Center
Beijing University of Technology

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