[unisog] New list created to discuss email admin issues in higher ed

Paul Russell prussell at nd.edu
Fri Jun 18 20:20:25 GMT 2004

A group of college and university email administrators have created
the HIED-EMAILADMIN list to facilitate discussion about all aspects
of email administration and management in higher education environments.
This includes, but is not limited to: email platform/application,
mail flow, unsolicited commercial email (spam), email viruses, account
management, email clients (both fat and thin), disaster recovery, and
email lists. The discussion will focus on these issues within a higher
education context. The primary audience is email administrators in
higher education, however, all members of the higher education community
are welcome to join the list. The list is designed as a self-moderated
discussion forum for subscribers only. As a general rule, vendors are
not welcome to join the list, and commercial postings will not be

The list archives are accessible to the public and can be found on the
web at <http://listserv.nd.edu/archives/hied-emailadmin.html>.

To subscribe to the HIED-EMAILADMIN list, send an empty email message to:

	hied-emailadmin-subscribe-request at listserv.nd.edu

or click the 'Join or leave the list' link on the list archives web page

The list is hosted at the University of Notre Dame and is subject to the
University's List Service Policies <http://listserv.nd.edu/policies.html>.

Paul Russell
Senior Systems Administrator
OIT Messaging Services Team
University of Notre Dame

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