[unisog] script (perl ?) for monitoring connectivity to a few websites

Michael Van Norman mvn at ucla.edu
Sat Jun 19 23:32:27 GMT 2004



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> Subject: [unisog] script (perl ?) for monitoring connectivity 
> to a few websites
> HI All,
> 	I need a quick and dirty script to monitor http 
> connectivity to a
> couple of machines.  I could write one myself but I hate 
> reinventing the
> wheel and I am short of time so I thought I would ask.
> I am aware that there are commercial services that do this but my
> requirement is strictly short term.
> Background: I will we shortly making some drastic changes to the
> software that builds the configuration files for our firewall 
> and I need
> to monitor connectivity to a few of our key web site from outside when
> we go live.  I need to be able to back out quickly if things break !
> We have an ADSL line into the office and we plan to have a 
> machine on it
> watching the sites so we should know almost immediately if 
> anything goes
> wrong.
> I'm a mite sensitive to the possibility of problems just at the moment
> because, due to an oversight on my part, I put our key teaching system
> off the 'Net for half an hour while doing testing on Friday.  So if
> anything come unglued on Tuesday I want to know fast so I can fix it
> before anyone else notices ;)
> I was told by the network manager that because of the weather (it was
> pouring with rain -- mid winter here) they had decided to cancel the
> public flogging. I don't want to find out if they will do it twice!
> Cheers, Russell
> -- 
> Russell Fulton, Computer and Network Security Officer.
> The University of Auckland, New Zealand.
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