[unisog] script (perl ?) for monitoring connectivity to a few web sites

Tom Throckmorton throck at duke.edu
Sun Jun 20 00:25:30 GMT 2004


You might consider downloading and building any current release of the 
Nagios plugins (found at http://www.nagios.org/download/ - should 
compile easily with a vanilla ./configure;make) and use the included 
check_http plugin.

You could easily run it standalone (out of cron, perhaps?) to perform 
http checks, as it returns an exit code that you could evaluate and 
handle as you see fit.

Hope this helps,


Russell Fulton wrote:

>HI All,
>	I need a quick and dirty script to monitor http connectivity to a
>couple of machines.  I could write one myself but I hate reinventing the
>wheel and I am short of time so I thought I would ask.
>I am aware that there are commercial services that do this but my
>requirement is strictly short term.
>Background: I will we shortly making some drastic changes to the
>software that builds the configuration files for our firewall and I need
>to monitor connectivity to a few of our key web site from outside when
>we go live.  I need to be able to back out quickly if things break !
>We have an ADSL line into the office and we plan to have a machine on it
>watching the sites so we should know almost immediately if anything goes
>I'm a mite sensitive to the possibility of problems just at the moment
>because, due to an oversight on my part, I put our key teaching system
>off the 'Net for half an hour while doing testing on Friday.  So if
>anything come unglued on Tuesday I want to know fast so I can fix it
>before anyone else notices ;)
>I was told by the network manager that because of the weather (it was
>pouring with rain -- mid winter here) they had decided to cancel the
>public flogging. I don't want to find out if they will do it twice!
>Cheers, Russell
Tom Throckmorton
Systems and Core Services
Duke University - OIT

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