[unisog] executable for setting windows updates?

Sippel, Jeremy chameleon at vt.edu
Mon Jun 21 18:22:47 GMT 2004

Why not use SUS or WUS (whenever it's released) to localize the traffic?
A simple .reg file will do the trick to point it to the appropriate
server(s)...  One can always wrap it in a pretty installer if necessary.
If you don't want to maintain your own, simply configure as you want to...

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>Subject: [unisog] executable for setting windows updates?
>We are looking into developing a program that would setup a
>Windows computer to be configured to automatically download
>and install patches via windows update.
>The thinking here is that as students arrive this fall for
>classes with their own computers, we'd like them to have to
>run this program as part of the process of registering their
>computer on the network.
>Is anyone else out there doing such a thing? Care to share
>your approach?
>Just thought i'd check here first!
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