[unisog] executable for setting windows updates?

Frank Sweetser fs at WPI.EDU
Mon Jun 21 18:24:08 GMT 2004

On Mon, Jun 21, 2004 at 01:23:19PM -0300, Matt Ashfield (UNB) wrote:
> Hi
> We are looking into developing a program that would setup a Windows computer
> to be configured to automatically download and install patches via windows
> update.
> The thinking here is that as students arrive this fall for classes with
> their own computers, we'd like them to have to run this program as part of
> the process of registering their computer on the network.

If you've got a SUS server on campus, you can simply give the student the
configuration files to import.  This should configure the built in AutoUpdate
software to point at your server.

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