Virus droppings and unresolvable domains - your input.

Thomas DuVally tduvally at
Mon Mar 1 18:47:35 GMT 2004

I am looking at a couple of issues regarding how we are handling email
for our users.  We are doing two things that I personally believe are
big mistakes.  I'll just lay them out:

1) We deliver all those virus messages (cleaned, of course) that are
generated by viruses themselves (mydoom, sobif, klez ...) to our users.

2) We are accepting mail from unqualified senders and unresolved

The policy theory around this is that we merely process mail and are not
in the business or creating additional "value add" to the service.  The
only "value add" we offer is virus detection and removal (for security),
and spam tagging (users screamed).

The analogy made is to that of a postal service.  

I need help with: explaining why that is a (grossly) false analogy, and
what you are doing regarding them.

Thanks in advance!

Thomas J. DuVally
Lead Systems Prog.
CIS, Brown Univ.

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