[unisog] sync files

Bob Johnson bob88 at eng.ufl.edu
Fri Mar 5 17:03:56 GMT 2004

Trying to run rsync simultaneously in both directions sounds like a good 
way to set up some sort of infinite loop.  If its docs don't explicitly 
say you can do that, it's probably not a good idea.  At the very least 
you risk losing changes if the same file is changed at the same time on 
both systems.

I think what you really need is something like the Coda file system, but 
that is not by any stretch of the imagination "a small utility or 
script". See http://www.coda.cs.cmu.edu/

- Bob

hermit921 wrote:
> I am looking for a small utility or script that can keep files 
> synchronized between two unix computers.  Each system needs to be able 
> to securely download more recent files (but not older files) of the same 
> name from the other system.  I thought this would be easy to find, but 
> alas...  Can someone help?
> Thanks,
> hermit921

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