[unisog] Microsoft Windows 'DHCP RELEASE while SELECTING Bug' (re-send)

John Ives jives at cchem.berkeley.edu
Tue Mar 9 16:52:44 GMT 2004

I had this same problem in a undergrad computer lab, however, I didn't have 
direct control of the dhcp server so  I solved it by adding a shutdown 
script that was simply "ipconfig /release"


At 01:17 PM 3/5/2004 -0500, Elliot Metsger wrote:
>I've had issues with 2k and XP clients before... I dealt with this about
>a year or more ago so I'm not sure if this is still an issue.
>I don't recall if what you described was the exact issue or not; we may
>not have probed as deeply as you did.  When we researched our DHCP
>problems, we determined that MS clients weren't sending a DHCPRELEASE on
>graceful shutdown and if we forced them to send a DHCPRELEASE on
>graceful shutdown our problem was solved.
>We solved this by setting a DHCP vendor option for Microsoft clients
>using ISC's DHCP server as follows:
>(inside of our main dhcpd.conf)
># Microsoft vendor specific client options
>option space MSFT;
>option MSFT.release-on-shutdown code 2 = unsigned integer 32;
>class "msft-w2k-xp-clients" {
>         ## For XP and 2k clients
>         ## Make them release lease on proper shutdown
>         match if option vendor-class-identifier = "MSFT 5.0";
>         vendor-option-space MSFT;
>         option MSFT.release-on-shutdown 1;
>You'd need to test this and see if it works for you.  If MS clients
>"forget" their DHCP settings when they perform a DHCPRELEASE on graceful
>shutdown, then they may never enter the INIT-REBOOT state.
>Let us know if it works!
> >>> Irwin Tillman <irwin at princeton.edu> 03/05/04 9:14 AM >>>
>(This is a re-send; first attempt appears to have not gotten through.)
>At Princeton we've been seeing DHCP problems due to a bug introduced in
>Windows. Since I suspect many other schools with many mobile clients are
>experiencing the same bug, I thought I'd post the details for you.
>We call this the "Microsoft Windows DHCP RELEASE while SELECTING Bug."
>Briefly, a Windows 2000 client configured to obtain its IP address via
>DHCP will
>occassionally transmit a DHCPRELEASE message while it is in the DHCP
>state. This is not correct DHCP behavior. Depending on the
>implementation of the
>DHCP server, it may cause the client to fail to receive a DHCP lease.
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