[unisog] Email for life

Ken Connelly ken.connelly at uni.edu
Sat Mar 20 02:08:13 GMT 2004

Hall, Rand wrote:

>What are you all doing for "email for life" systems?
Nothing.  Yet...

>Forwarding only? Full mailbox? Outsourcing?
Forwarding is bad news unless you can let the alum change their 
forwarding somehow.  That almost implies "an account" rather than just 
an alias entry.

Full mailboxes can become a lot of resource tied up.

Outsourcing is probably the way we would go, letting the alumni 
association have the e-mail as an incentive to join the organization and 
pay your dues.

>Some people here are starting to ask questions :-)
Could be worse, they could just be saying "Do it".

- ken

>Rand P. Hall, Director, Network Services
>SunGard Collegis, Inc.
>Merrimack College, North Andover, MA, USA
>Rand.Hall at merrimack.edu 

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