[unisog] Policy for student owned servers in the ResNet

Christopher Arnold christopher.arnold at tufts.edu
Fri Mar 26 04:09:47 GMT 2004

Why on earth would either of those extremes be intrinsically dangerous or
dangerous as you view them to be?


Quoting Stephen Bernard <sbernard at gmu.edu>:

> I am interested to know what institutions allow/require that students 
> register systems which will act as servers in the residence networks, 
> and how that is managed. The most common policies that I've found so far 
> are either completely open or no serving is allowed at all from the 
> residence networks. I think that both of these approaches are dangerous 
> so I'm interested to learn about the approach and reasoning used by 
> others who have taken the registration tack.
> Regards,
> Steve Bernard
> Sr. Systems Engineer, NET
> George Mason University

Christopher Arnold
Team Leader, Network Security
Tufts University
christopher.arnold at tufts.edu

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