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On Wed, 24 Mar 2004 08:43:31 -0300, Marcos Guerra
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> I'm projecting a new network infrastructure and I would like to know from
> you if anyone knows a case of broked Vlans?

The biggest *real* danger to a vlan-based infrastructure is a
done by your own NOC-monkeys. The second biggest danger is an unsecured
Note that neither of these are vlan-specific issues.

Things to do:

1) Harden your routers, whether or not you use vlans.

2) Deploy configuration change control for your routers, whether or not you
use vlans.

3) Make sure you design in a way to clean up after your mistakes - it's
Really Bad Ju-ju
when you down the interface that you're connecting via.  I believe Juniper
has a really
nice "commit" feature, where if you typo and screw the configuration up
enough that
you can't subsequently issue "commit", the router will automagically reboot
to the
old known-good configuration.

4) A separate management-net is very nice, especially if you have enough
to run a physically separate net.

In other words, if you're doing a new infrastructure, this is a good time to
harden it.
All the usual things will help your vlan, and there really isn't much

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