[unisog] Request for a worm

Anderson Johnston andy at umbc.edu
Sat May 1 03:10:45 GMT 2004

To any and all:

Our desktop support group is working on the recent GAOBOT.AFJ worm over
the weekend.  They would like to have one to experiment with.  If anyone
has harvested the worm (or a later, similar variant like GAOBOT.AFW), and
wouldn't mind sharing, please send it to me as a mail attachment at:
andy at umbc.edu.

Please zip or gzip it with an encryption key ("andy") so it will get past
the AV checker in the mail server.

						Thank you,

						- Andy Johnston

PS I used the Symantec names for the worm - I think it started out as the
LSASS worm on the unisog list.

** Andy Johnston (andy at umbc.edu)          *                                 **
** Manager of IT Security                 * PGP key:(afj2002) 4096/8448B056 **
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