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Wada, Kent kent at ucla.edu
Mon May 3 04:44:54 GMT 2004

Colleagues - Let me point you at a news release that addresses some
important points not covered in the Chronicle article (this has been
sent to the Chronicle for a follow-up article):

*         UCLA Implements Quarantine Approach in the Residence Halls to
Make Its Policy on Illegal File Sharing Explicit
<http://newsroom.ucla.edu/page.asp?RelNum=5137>  (April 26, 2004)

Also, a few facts for those of you who are interested in this kind of

*         The quarantine procedure impacts approximately 7,500 students
and some faculty and staff living in the residence halls.

*         The quarantine process is not the same as the Automated
Copyright Notification System from Universal, although some mechanical
parts of the process have been automated.

*         The quarantine process is not like the University of Florida's
ICARUS system, which internally monitors for file sharing. We do respond
when we are notified of a claim of copyright infringement, as we always
have, as part of our legal obligation.

*         This process was developed by the Offices of the Dean of
Students, Residential Life, Housing and Hospitality Services and Campus
Counsel among others to ensure our respect for copyright was balanced
with our respect for privacy and due process.

I know this doesn't cover everything; in particular, it assumes you know
something about ACNS, ICARUS and the DMCA (actually, quite a bit about
the DMCA). I can answer questions but may be slow to respond ... you
might guess why.


PS. I hope to have a description of our procedure available soon.
Personally, I feel that we've gone to tremendous effort to ensure due
process and privacy to the very greatest extent possible for our
students within the bounds of the legal framework in which we all live.


Kent Wada

UCLA Designated Agent for the DMCA





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Anyone have any specs on UCLA new system? 

Or is to early to ask?


It sounds like it might identify only copyrighted files while letting
the rest of the P2P thru. 

But the article is very thin on details.


Thanks in advance


Ian Campbell

University at Albany

Internal Audit, MSC 116

1400 Washington Ave.

Albany, NY 12222

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