[unisog] student fees for cleaning.

Peter Moody peter at ucsc.edu
Thu May 6 21:47:54 GMT 2004

Hello fellow unisog'ers,

I'd like to get a feel for how effective charging students for cleaning
their machines has been.

I understand that (way) back in the blaster days, some universities took
to charging students anywhere from $20 to $30 for coming out to their
rooms and cleaning their computers.  I'm operating here under the
assumption that these fees remained in place even after blaster died
down and has been used with these current virus outbreaks.  What I'd
like to know, has this been an effective means of keeping the students
interested in patching their machines?

in our case, we don't charge students and we've been forced to
auto-whack anywhere between 5 to 30 machines in our resnet every 2
hours.  The students then have to contact the resnet offices to get
their machines cleaned and have their network re-enabled.  This is
obviously a huge drain on the most expensive of our IT related costs,
person-hours.  If we were able to cut down on the numbers of machines
brought in while at the same time being able to put some money back into
resnet, it would be a win-win.




Peter Moody                             <peter at ucsc.edu>
Information Security Administrator      831/459.5409
Communications and Technology Services. UC, Santa Cruz.
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