[unisog] student fees for cleaning.

atanner1 at emich.edu atanner1 at emich.edu
Fri May 7 00:21:57 GMT 2004

I think charging for machine cleaning sounds like a great idea.  

I would only add that you prepare some sort of flyer that goes to
each dorm student's mailbox informing them of the change and how
to run Windows Update, where to get virus software, that sort of
thing.  Or maybe this is a document that is a part of the move-in
contract.  Heck, add Mac Update too and anything similar related to 
Linux.  I was reading today that a Mac OS X proof of concept trojan 
is making the rounds (although it doesn't do anything harmful).

How would you handle a virus or a Windows Exploit that has not yet
been patched and happened to hit your campus first?  Would you 
still charge?  Would students be extremely upset if you did charge
when there was no remedy they could use at the time they were hit
with it?

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