[unisog] student fees for cleaning.

Colin Curtin alpine at umail.ucsb.edu
Sat May 8 01:14:58 GMT 2004


Monetary incentive for keeping a student's machine free from viruses 
only works if they do not have the money for such a fee, or they do not 
possess the friends to fix it for free.

For example, a well-to-do student would be more than happy to pay $20-30 
to get back on the Internet after a virus infection. Another student, 
who may have thought the fee was a bit much, would probably have at 
least one nice Computer Science major on their hall who would be happy 
to fix it for free. In both of these cases, the only thing really lost 
is Internet time.

I propose a different but possibly drastic twist. This, of course, 
assumes that the student was infected by a virus for which there is a 
patch or known solution (i.e., the student was negligent).

The first time a student is taken off the network for an infection, they 
are charged $15. They are given some sort of notification of the reason 
why they were taken off, and are given a few options, namely: they can 
have a consultant come out from resnet and fix it for them; they can fix 
it themselves (or have someone else fix it), then prove the computer is 
free from infection; or they can stay off the network.

After that time, the student is on a temporary network 'probation'. If 
they are infected again within some x time, they are charged an 
additional $15 and are taken off the network until they attend an 
"Internet and Computer Responsibility" seminar provided by Resnet. If 
one student gets infected a total of 3-4 times during the year, they 
must be considered a liability to the network and taken off permanently.

Students can then try to prove they were not negligent in their 
downloading to get the charge revoked and their connection restored. 
However, this is rarely the case as students are apt to download unsafe 
programs regularly.

Well, I thought it was interesting. ;-)

Colin Curtin
alpine at umail.ucsb.edu

Peter Moody wrote:

>Hello fellow unisog'ers,
>I'd like to get a feel for how effective charging students for cleaning
>their machines has been.
>I understand that (way) back in the blaster days, some universities took
>to charging students anywhere from $20 to $30 for coming out to their
>rooms and cleaning their computers.  I'm operating here under the
>assumption that these fees remained in place even after blaster died
>down and has been used with these current virus outbreaks.  What I'd
>like to know, has this been an effective means of keeping the students
>interested in patching their machines?
>in our case, we don't charge students and we've been forced to
>auto-whack anywhere between 5 to 30 machines in our resnet every 2
>hours.  The students then have to contact the resnet offices to get
>their machines cleaned and have their network re-enabled.  This is
>obviously a huge drain on the most expensive of our IT related costs,
>person-hours.  If we were able to cut down on the numbers of machines
>brought in while at the same time being able to put some money back into
>resnet, it would be a win-win.
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