[unisog] SSL vs. IPSEC

Reed Loden reed at reedloden.com
Thu May 20 21:12:08 GMT 2004

Quoting avishver <yram at netvision.net.il>:

>   I need to implement VPN in the INTRANET part of large (two data centers ,
> more than 200 branches) company.
>   Need to select between SSL and IPSEC.
>   The VPN will serve the workers from the workstations within the LAN/WAN:
> no roaming users, no internet, no wireless.
>    Most (90%) of the workstations & servers are Microsoft XP,WIN2003. We
> have ActiveDirectory2003 in place.
>    What is the best choice in terms of manageability, overall performance
> penalty, ease of maintenance etc. ?

Wouldn't this question be more suited for the NANOG (nanog.org) list (or the
like), rather than unisog?

Reed Loden - <reed at reedloden.com>

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