[unisog] AOL rejects forwarding?

Chris Crowley ccrowley at tulane.edu
Wed Nov 3 16:04:42 GMT 2004

> Blocking outbound port 25 eliminates direct-to-MX spam and virus traffic,
> and mandatory SMTP authentication eliminates relay spam from compromised
> internal systems. Sooner or later, we will have to deal with trojans which
> either use MAPI calls to retrieve stored usernames and passwords for SMTP
> authentication, or pop a dialogue box and ask for a userid and password.

The Tulane network rate limits outbound email through the mail server. 
Could a human being send 2,000 messages in an hour?

We use DCC to enforce this.  The setup was a little tricky because this 
is not exactly what DCC is designed for.  But, a system which exceeds 
the limit is prohibited from sending any e-mail for a day.  Exceptions 
are granted for individuals who send many messages lists for legitimate 
e-mail campaigns. This also helps to identify infected systems, since 
the infractions are logged and easily identified.

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