[unisog] Recommendation for list management sw

Matt Crawford crawdad at fnal.gov
Thu Nov 4 15:05:50 GMT 2004

On Nov 3, 2004, at 17:57, Stan Horwitz wrote:
> Matt; why do you have Listserv so much? Just curious.

1. When a message to a list has a space character at the end of a line, 
listserv strips it.  I have thoroughly tested and it is indeed 
listserv's action, not any other part of the complete email path.  When 
the message is in the format "text/flowed", a space at the end of the 
line is significant, so listserv causes ugly line breaks -- and 
invalidates digital signatures!

2. Listserv blacklists legitimate senders as spammers for secret 
reasons and entries (they tell me) cannot be removed from the blacklist 
before the timer expires, and that takes 48 hours.  Both the helpdesk 
and the security team have been bitten by this.

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