[unisog] How do you handle spyware/adware?

Rick Hayter rhayter at udallas.edu
Fri Nov 5 23:01:39 GMT 2004

> I am interested in learning how other schools are handling preventing,
> detecting, and removing spyware/adware from workstations.  

We've been using Spy Sweeper, Enterprise edition 
(http://www.webroot.com/) for a couple of months now. It installs on 
a central server and allows you to schedule scans of workstations. 
It has reporting and alerting functions also. All in all, it's been 
fine, but it's certainly no panacea. We find that anti-malware 
programs are much like anti-virus programs... they miss some things 
that other programs find.

In most cases it cleans machines successfully. If we see that there 
were *A LOT* of items found on a given machine, we typically have to 
run a couple of other cleaners (adaware, cwshredder, etc) to get to 
the root of the problem.

When all is said and done, it's just another tool in your arsenal. 
Good luck!
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