[unisog] Re: How do you handle spyware/adware?

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>I am interested in learning how other schools are handling preventing,
> detecting, and removing spyware/adware from workstations.  From doing
> some preliminary research, I've found software (Spybot, Spysweeper,
> Adaware, etc.) that can be installed on the workstations, but I'm not
> sure how effective they will be since they require updates to
> detect/remove new programs.  We have been testing McAfee VSE 8.0i, but
> its too early to tell how effective it will be.  Has anyone else been
> testing McAfee VSE 8.0i?  What are your feelings about the product?
> What are some other method or ways to help eliminate spyware/adware?
> Thanks in advance,
> Lee Anne

We've been doing pretty well using the Spybot, Ad-Aware combination along
with "HiJack This" to deal with peskier files (DLL's from hell). Spybot's
Tea Timer is a handy tool, I used it extensively dealing with the annoying
SDBOT variants since it allows an admin to halt anything from installing
itself into the registry. "Spyware Blaster" is another handy tool to use.
I haven't used it on campus yet since I manage with the others.

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