[unisog] Information on Commercial Anti Spam Software

Vijay S Sarvepalli VSSARVEP VSSARVEP at uncg.edu
Tue Nov 16 01:15:47 GMT 2004

I did some extensive research not that long ago on products, There are a 
few out there good,  you need to find somethig suitable for your scale and 
your environment.

1) www.mailfrontier.com -> Antivirus is an additional module from 
Kaspersky / McAffee
2) www.sophos.com -> Very good antivirus and antispam product for 
integration with pure message.  It was an excellent product from our 
3) www.barracudanetworks.com -> not scalable but fairly good solution uses 
spam assassin / clam in the back end from my understanding. Black box.
4) www.surfcontrol.com -> Good product but enterprise level and individual 
controls are just realeased
5) www.tumbleweed.com -> Very good product as well runs on windows 2k 
series black box solution is available as well.
6) www.borderware.com -> MXtreme is failry okay product for the money.. 
from Canadian company.
7) http://www.cyphertrust.com -> Black box type solution.

Outsourcing services like postini are good for corporations but not for 
universities with some many legal and privacy obligations -- is what we 
found out for our organization..

My recommendation would be sophos or mailfrontier as top products, 
followed by tumbleweed / surfcontrol / cyphertrust.



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[unisog] Information on Commercial Anti Spam Software

Hi All,

I am wanting to get an indication of what commercial anti spam software is 
being used in other institutions.  We are looking for an "off the shelf " 
package and wanting to minimise inhouse development as much as possible .

Could anyone using commercial anti spam software please provide 
information on what they are using and any thoughts they have on the 
product they are using.

Please, no sellers of products - only institutions using products.

Thanks very much,

Tim Lane

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