[unisog] Information on Commercial Anti Spam Software

John Rowan Littell littejo at earlham.edu
Tue Nov 16 03:56:08 GMT 2004


Lo, Tim Lane and the teakettle whistled in unison:

> I am wanting to get an indication of what commercial anti spam software is 
> being used in other institutions.  We are looking for an "off the shelf " 
> package and wanting to minimise inhouse development as much as possible .
> Could anyone using commercial anti spam software please provide information 
> on what they are using and any thoughts they have on the product they are 
> using.

I also did some recent research into black-box spam/virus gateway
appliances.  I looked closely at both the Meridius mail gateway
from BlueCat Networks and the RazorGate from Mirapoint.  Both of
them seem quite good at what they do, namely spam and virus filtering
(with quarantine, bounce, etc.), mail routing (in my case via LDAP),
and a certain degree of per-user configuration.

I determined, though, that for the price (around $20K for the
Meridius and upwards of $40K for the RazorGate) that we could
implement our own black box filtering and routing gateway for quite
a lot less, including the development and support time (given our
local expertise).  Your mileage, of course, will vary depending on
your local expertise and their willingness to make do with non-HUI
(or less GUI) management interfaces and your desire for strong
corporate support.

I'd be willing to talk offline about some of the specifics that I got
from these products (although it's nothing that you couldn't get from
asking people in their respective technical departments).


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