[unisog] Information on Commercial Anti Spam Software

Chris Russel russel at yorku.ca
Tue Nov 16 14:42:55 GMT 2004

We are using a combination of bogofilter and DCC for anti-spam, and clamav 
for anti-virus filtering (all via mimedefang) - for all staff and 
students. Total is around 60,000 email accounts and half million messages 
per day.  We had been using spamassassin but for whatever reason it did 
not do a good job for us. The reaction here has been overwhelmingly 
postive. Our best estimate is that it is blocking 85-90% of spam with very 
very low rate of false positives.

There is a good paper on centralized Bayesian spam filtering being 
presented ... tomorrow, actually... at this year's LISA conference which 
anyone considering this approach should read when it is available:


It does not hurt that we have one of the main bogofilter developers 
working a few blocks away, but then we didn't discover that until after we 
had already implemented it!

Chris Russel
Manager, CNS Information Security
York University, Toronto, Canada

On Tue, 16 Nov 2004, Tim Lane wrote:

> Hi All,
> I am wanting to get an indication of what commercial anti spam software is 
> being used in other institutions.  We are looking for an "off the shelf " 
> package and wanting to minimise inhouse development as much as possible .
> Could anyone using commercial anti spam software please provide information 
> on what they are using and any thoughts they have on the product they are 
> using.
> Please, no sellers of products - only institutions using products.
> Thanks very much,
> Tim Lane
> Tim Lane
> Information Security Program Manager
> Information Technology and Telecommunication Services
> Southern Cross University
> PO Box 157 Lismore NSW 2480
> Ph:  61 2 6620 3290
> Fax: 61 2 6620 3033
> Email: tlane at scu.edu.au
> http://www.scu.edu.au

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