[unisog] Information on Commercial Anti Spam Software

Adam Brons abrons at peldor.occs.odu.edu
Tue Nov 16 17:07:21 GMT 2004


We have evaluated several products and decided to go with CanIt-Pro
(http://www.roaringpenguin.com).  There product uses a lot of
Open Source technologies such as MimeDefang, SpamAssassin, and Bayes

We initially looked at using the above Open Source technologies
ourselves and rolling a front-end and authentication scheme to all
people to log in and individually manager their own spam settings.
That's when we came across CanIt-Pro which had already taken the
time to do all of this for us and added a database back-end as well.

The pricing was very reasonable and the technical support was
fa nominal.  We have a very complex mail architecture and were a
little skeptical that any commercial entity would be able to cleanly
integrate with our existing architecture.  We were more than 
surprised, the Roaring Penguin folks spent three days out here and
knew more than enough to get the job done. The first day we spent 
drawing out our architecture and even our FUTURE direction.  They 
took notes and came back the second day ready to dive in.  They worked 
with us to write custom code to integrate into our existing mail 
architecture and helped build the foundation for using their product 
when we move to our next phase in mail evolution.

They also have turn-key solutions for those who just want things to
work and aren't as concerned with the nuts and bolts.  

We were most pleased with the service, expertise, price, and

The only caution, as with any anti-virus/anti-spam product is that
it requires some meaty hardware.  We've upgraded to three decked out
Dell 4600's which are handing about 300,000 messages a day.

On Tue, Nov 16, 2004 at 10:37:51PM +1100, Tim Lane wrote:
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> Subject: [unisog] Information on Commercial Anti Spam Software
> Hi All,
> I am wanting to get an indication of what commercial anti spam software is 
> being used in other institutions.  We are looking for an "off the shelf " 
> package and wanting to minimise inhouse development as much as possible .
> Could anyone using commercial anti spam software please provide information 
> on what they are using and any thoughts they have on the product they are 
> using.
> Please, no sellers of products - only institutions using products.
> Thanks very much,
> Tim Lane
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