[unisog] security implications of using PCAnywhere on campus network

Vijay S Sarvepalli VSSARVEP VSSARVEP at uncg.edu
Thu Nov 18 01:50:11 GMT 2004


Before you decide what remote access software is allowed, you need to 
decide what is both secure and supported by your IT.  PC anywhere is 
fairly secure, so is remote desktop in built into XP; but if you dont have 
a policy famework to address remote access to campus, you will always be 
tossed around.

I would recommend tying anything related to remote complete access of PC's 
to a VPN of some sort, so encryption is not dependent on just one vendor 
or software.  You can have layered protection. 

But again... If you dont have a proper policy framework for remote access, 
whatever you do you will keep re-doing.


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[unisog] security implications of using PCAnywhere on campus network

We have had a user request PCAnywhere access to our network from home
via the Internet.  Can anyone offer links to resources or personal
experiences with this software?  On principal I would prefer not to
allow any access beyond email from off campus, but I have been asked to
research this possibility.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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