[unisog] security implications of using PCAnywhere on campusnetwork

Forsythe, Ralph Ralph.Forsythe at twtelecom.com
Thu Nov 18 17:11:56 GMT 2004

For what it's worth, SSH clients can be as damaging as VPN access.  SSH
has the unique ability to allow tunneling through itself, which can
allow all sorts of access you might not normally want or allow.  It
isn't a full blown VPN, but consider turning off tunneling at the server
if you really don't want people accessing anything other than a shell.
Alternatively put your SSH server on a DMZ and lock it down at the
firewall level.

BTW, I usually just lurk here as I'm not with a university, however the
company I work for provides Internet access for a few and I like to keep
up on what affects our customers.  However in this case it seemed like
someone should mention the tunnel issue, if only to bring to light the
fact that allowing SSH could make you vulnerable in the same ways a VPN
might, if the user gets a clue and the server isn't set up to block it.

- Ralph Forsythe
Time Warner Telecom
Managed Security Services Engineer
ralph.forsythe at twtelecom.com

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We have a strict policy of not allowing the use of PCAnywhere or VNC or
the like for remote control of desktops.

If users want in, they use an ssh client.

Dave Foster

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